Reader: Marvin Booker could be difficult, but that doesn't mean he deserved to die

Sometimes the most interesting comments pop up on older posts. Take, for instance, an item that appeared on an August 2010 report about the jailhouse death of Marvin Booker, which remains a rallying point for protesters of alleged police misconduct, as demonstrated by a rally staged earlier this month. This reader, though, says he knew Booker as a man and not just a symbol.

Eric Hughes writes:

Marvin was a friend of mine, someone I saw often here in Memphis on Beale Street, and enjoyed talking to. Marvin wrote a letter to me one time which touched and encouraged me more than any book, sermon, or pamphlet could have.

I know Marvin could be difficult and irrational on his bad days, but tazing him to death was an act of cruelty and carelessness that should be exposed and punished. There is a God who knew Marvin by name, and loved every aspect of him, who created Marvin just like he did you and me.

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