Reader: Med. Marijuana Enforcement Division will only bust people doing really stupid things

Our recent post about the

Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division

accompanying a SWAT team on the raid of a grow affiliated with a license applicant has generated heated comments about the MMED.

Here's one that balances the positive with the negative.

Dutchess writes:

I have to say that everyone at the MMED IS nice and they have answered all my e-mails and phone calls about compliance with ease and accuracy. I absoultely LOATH 90% of what they are doing and I hate the fact that I have to empty out my bank accounts to get into compliance and I hate the fact that they wait till the last minute to tell you very important details/announcements and I hate that I have to essentially pay the guy's salary who will be showing up and barking orders at me.

When Denver created their regulations everyone was freaking out-true, they weren't 77 pages long but it ended up being just a simple inspection process that took 2 weeks. I think the only time you are going to be "raided" or "shut down" is if you do something stupid and extremely against the rules-like having 1,500 plants in an unlicensed warehouse.

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