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Reader: Medical marijuana community is many & its detractors are few if MMJ backers unite

Right now, one of our liveliest conversations is taking place on a post about Denver City Council medical marijuana regulations.

But for one reader, the tone of the chat is too divisive. He'd like everyone involved to pull together.

Joseph at 303 Organic writes:

jeez. finally done reading all these comments and it hurts. listen, we as patients are 100,000+ strong and we have the ability to become a political juggernaut if we could all come together somehow and get on the same page. i have been saying this for some time, 100,000+ it too many to ignore. we are many, they are few. WE ARE MANY, THEY ARE FEW! we can take it back. but what is it going to take to unite us all? as we are now, very much fragmented, we will never reach the promised land. with all the cuts we have taken at each other blood has been drawn and the sharks we fight smell the blood in the water and they are loving it. we can't take it back if we're too busy taking cuts at each other. what is it going to be? keep getting our collective asses handed to us while we fight each other or come together and house these mofo's who are handing us our asses? put our meager differences aside and come together for the cannabis. 1284 is no bueno.

promised land or bust.

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