Reader: Medical marijuana patients can fight Big Pharma by changing buying practices

Word of a potential

loophole in a new medical marijuana law

, which might allow out-of-state entrepreneurs to gain a foothold in Colorado via MMJ labs, struck one reader as alarming.

Here's his prescription for keeping Big Pharma at bay.

ColoradoShu writes:

If all things legislative in America will continue to be directly influenced by corporate interests then we have no time to spare. We have to fold up the hankies because the Supreme Court put the screws to us and get to work on making better corporate citizens out of them all.

How pray tell? Stop buying anything and everything whose sales proceeds track back to malignant business practices and poor social outcomes.

This loophole potential is certainly disconcerting. In the energy industry we're a "hub" for research on renewable energy and yet let O&G interests run rough shod over local economic and health concerns. It's providing preferential treatment to Big Pharma and trusting them to not replicate their insidious practices and set back a movement toward rational natural health sensibility yet another generation.

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