Reader: Medical marijuana would be more accessible if pro-MMJ sheriffs stood up to feds

Our medical marijuana coverage attracts lively and intriguing comments, some of which pop up long after the original publication date. As evidence, consider this observation affixed to an October post about Highlands Ranch's Chris Bartkowicz, who was prosecuted for growing marijuana even though he thought he was following Colorado's MMJ laws.

Johan S. writes:

There is ONE way around the Feds / DEA, a county Sheriff has the power and authority to forbid the FBI and DEA from operating in his/her county, a Sheriff could even draw arms against Federal authorities and arrest them if they refused to leave his/her county, look it up. The problem is finding pro-constitutional Sheriffs or people to run for Sheriff that are pro-constitutional. Richard Mack , an ex-Sheriff of Graham county Arizona would've done this.

I don't see Federal laws ever changing in the U.S. in relation to Cannabis, but if the people started voting in their counties nationwide with pro-constitutional Sheriffs that were pro-MMJ and would use their power to the extreme, the Federal authorities would be stopped cold.

The reason why a lot of Sheriffs won't do this is because they would lose Federal funding, it amounts to GREED. People like ex-Sheriff Richard Mack would tell the Fed's to stick it, and he ran his county with the good of the people in mind. Also, anybody can run for Sheriff, they have more power than you think. They can also order state authorities out of their county. This is just a way around the Federal strangle-hold concerning tyrannical drug laws. Another way is secession and a withdraw from the Union using the 10th amendment but I don't see the sheeple ever doing that. The Feds won't change, they will keep putting people in prison over drugs until the end of time.

Many people still believe that the U.S. is land of the free, that's an illusion. The U.S. has 5% of the world's population but yet holds 25% of the world's incarcerated. Does that sound FREE?

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