Reader: Michael Hancock/prostitution ring story getting too much attention from media

In the beginning, the alleged link between mayor-elect

Michael Hancock and the Denver Players prostitution ring

received only a smattering of media coverage -- but that

certainly isn't the case now

, much to the chagrin of one reader with knowledge of old-school, bare-knuckle politics.

Here's a viewpoint sprinkled with the taste of Chicago.

Stealth2 writes:

The only bigger joke than this alleged "investigation" is the credence that the local media in Denver is giving it. Some low-rent pimp" brings a piece of paper to news outlet that he claims shows that a candidate for mayor used his "escort service"... and it becomes "news." And if that questionable and flimsy basis for a story isn't enough, it comes out just a week before the election. This is probably just my Chicago upbringing talking, but it's quite obvious what was going on.

Hey, guess what, I have a piece of paper that states that everyone who works at the Denver Post also used the same escort service -- male AND female. Where's my 15 minutes?

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