Reader: Michael Hancock's new manager of safety shouldn't be afraid of firing bad cops

As Patricia Calhoun reported in yesterday's Wake-Up Call post, Denver Police retirees want Michael Hancock to hire a Manager of Safety who's fair to cops.

But does fairness mean siding with accused officers even when there's strong evidence against them? One reader has some ideas about that.

J. Brian Martinez writes:

This line is just chilling: "The Mayor must encourage the Chief of Police to manage the department to the best of his or her abilities and experience and to maximize the administration of justice on the streets."

"Justice on the streets" is EXACTLY why the cops need a short leash. They think they are entitled to dispense "justice" to anyone who crosses their path.

This is just a PR stunt by the tax-feeders because they're not feeling the love anymore from city administrators -- GOOD! If Hancock wants to earn some respect, he'll hire a safety manager who won't hesitate to fire a cop's ass when he assaults and harasses innocent people. The sooner we rid the force of these psychopaths, the safer we'll all be.

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