Reader: Million Mask Marchers don't understand their legal rights in a protest

Our latest post about the Million Mask March, featuring a video showing confrontations between protesters and police, spurred a lot of comments critical of law enforcement. But we also heard from a reader who believes numerous participants in the rally were in the wrong, as well.

ryan.cordova writes:

I've covered a lot of protests and they all receive equal treatment.

The difference between this one and the rest of them is that this one clearly has no understanding of A. who the power is, and B. what legal rights you actually have in a protest.

You don't have the right to go anywhere you want whenever you want in a protest, other people still have the right to go about their day whether it be in a car, a bike, or just walking past the protest.

You haven't been allowed to step into the street and harass police for years.

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