Reader: National Western Stock Show wouldn't be the same sans manure stench at current site

Patricia Calhoun's post about the prospect of the National Western Stock Show moving to Aurora prompted a great comment from a person whose online handle will be familiar to longtime political observers in these parts. Here's what he had to say.

Ahudson writes:

As Governor Hickenlooper (then Brewmeister Hickenlooper) taught us -- Denver's heritage is not for sale to the highest bidder; whether it be the name of a stadium nor the historic stock show. In Denver but bordering Aurora is a loophole. In addition to the $150 million for relocation, the lawyers and lobbyists will also have to explain how to make up $23 million in lost downtown economic impact. Personally, I like eating my cotton candy and drinking my Coors Light in the dust and stench of manure of the Stock Show's current site.

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