Reader: Nebraskans hate people in Colorado almost as much as they hate pot

Our latest post about pot profiling, featuring data showing that in one Nebraska county, drivers of cars with Colorado plates are cited more frequently than natives by the state patrol, inspired more stories of traffic stops for no good reason. But that shouldn't be a surprise according to this reader.

Chad Ritter writes:

Just so everyone is clear on the subject. A police officer can pull you over for ANY reason they want. They call it "probable cause". All he has to do is "think" there's something wrong and it gives him legal right. Nebraska has always profiled Colorado drivers because of the football rivalry. They don't like Colorado people, never have, that's no secret. They DO NOT like weed there, never have. Don't be stupid, drive careful and don't bring the herb. The laws there are the same as when it became decriminalized here. 100$ fine for possesion of less that an ounce. Don't bring any more than that and you won't get arrested. Don't be a "fool" and you won't get busted. NEVER go to Texas or a few other states with even a seed. One seed can get you 20 years in Texas if they want to be dicks. Nebraska is the last place we have to worry about, lol.

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