Reader: Obama campaign must say more than "Don't Vote for the F*cktard"

The Kylie Horner post about Michelle Obama's Colorado Springs appearance noted that only volunteers who won a sweepstakes would be able to see her speak. This procedure inspired one reader to weigh in on the Obama campaign's approach to earning another four years for the First Lady's husband.

Thedawg writes:

I support Obama, but do you ever feel like his campaign treats voters like 7 year old's who need to be need to be "rewarded" with a piece of candy if they do the right thing. There is something inherently childish in various aspects of the campaign, especially the social-media stuff. Maybe it's trying to get out the youth vote, but it just seems amateur.... His first term has not been terribly successful, it'd be nice if he admitted the same, and gave us a real reason to be excited about re-elected him other than "vote for me, I'm not a right wing authoritarian fucktard...."

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