Reader: Obama should have taken that hit, because he's leading like he's stoned

Our post spotlighting a video of President Barack Obama being asked if he wanted a hit during a visit to the Wazee Supper Club earlier this week inspired commentary on a wide range of topics across the political spectrum. But many readers included marijuana references in their posts. Here's an example.

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Pete Farley writes:

This is more on topic. He's known to be a closet smoker. Maybe while he's in town, he scoped out resources for supplies for a new White House smoking room to go next to the White House brewery. Actually this could work in his favor politically. He's been leading like he's stoned anyway. Maybe that's why we've had 9 major events during his presidency where he said he's heard about it at the same time the rest of did, on the news! Or maybe he needed to pick up some edibles for his fund-raising dinner. He's probably to the point where he has to get his donors stoned to cough up the cash! You never know. It could happen. Just sayin!

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