Reader: Occupy Denver behind other Occupy Wall Street sites, dog leader or no dog leader

Kelsey Whipple's post about Occupy Denver electing a Border Collie mix named Shelby as its leader became a magnet for conversation that went well beyond the effectiveness of this idea.

Here, one veteran occupier likens Denver's site to others -- and finds it wanting.

West Guest writes:

Which is flakier?? That's a tough call, as nothing of any substance seems to be coming from either. Being in close contact with OCCUPY movements in three other cities, I can assure that Denver's is seriously lagging behind. The destruction of the original occupation in Lincoln Park was devastating to the overall day-to-day energy, and since then with no tents allowed, the homeless are really the only 24/7 occupiers, and most unfortunately a couple of them are constantly unruly.

But thru it all, the THUNDERDOME crew is always AWESOME!!

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