Reader: Occupy Denver could find better places to house the homeless

Even before Occupy Denver protesters started setting fires in Civic Center Park last night, they were wearing out their welcome with some people, who tired of seeing Civic Center Park, which Mayor Robert Speer envisioned as a crown jewel in Denver's crown, turned into a trash heap.

Says Notwoofka:

Wrapping the trees with red tape is wrong. Tossing trash into the trees is classless. Building more permanent structures on the sidewalk is just asking for a raid. If OD wants to house the homeless, there's a nice vacant lot on 4th and Santa Fe that would provide a great place to build a tent city and kitchen.

Is there a place you'd like to see Occupy Denver go next? Post it below.

Does Occupy Denver have an image problem? Read Kelsey Whipple's profile of Corey Donahue, "Tilting at Windmills," here.

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