Reader: Officials may not have tweaked red-light cameras, but they didn't mind the extra cash

Our post about a bill to ban red-light cameras statewide found Senator Scott Renfroe, its sponsor, arguing that the devices were more focused on generating revenue that making intersections safer.

Here's a comment from a reader who concurs.

Bob Smith writes:

I like the idea of local rule -- but the cynical nature of Denver's expansion of its program makes me support this.

Blame it on the contractor "recalibrating" its equipment, Denver says.

Never admit that someone in the DPD or the Mgr of Safety's ofc or the Mayor's ofc either requested this "recalibration" or approved it after the fact, without going to City Council. That way high bureaucrats and politicians don't have to admit to being out of touch, or ignorant.

Only in the narrow world view of law enforcement are equal penalties for blowing through a red light and encroaching on a crosswalk a safety issue not a speed trap.

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