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Reader: Our gun laws make us collectively responsible for James Holmes's acts

Yesterday's post about an Idaho billboard that equates Barack Obama with James Holmes, the accused Aurora theater shooter, inspired one reader to dissect the comparison -- and to suggest that gun laws allowing people like Holmes to assemble incredible arsenals are our collective responsibility. Here's what he has to say.

gjbroyles writes:

The senseless acts of Holmes were the deranged acts of a single man, taking innocent lives. While those who have died as as result of US foreign policy may be no less innocent, our foreign policy is not the 'act' of a single man -- this is not a dictatorship where Obama speaks and armies are mobilized. As a nation we elect our president and our congressmen often based on their foreigh policy postures. As a nation we are collectively responsible for those who did as a result of our national foreign policy. That said we are also collectively responsible for the acts of Holmes as we continue to allow men such as him to buy assault rifles and 6,000 rounds of ammo all because we what to protect our homes in case someone wants to sell our stereo.

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