Reader: People of Color Face Disrespect on a Daily Basis
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Reader: People of Color Face Disrespect on a Daily Basis

Since Donald Trump's election, and especially as talk of immigration enforcement ramps up, children of color have reported increased verbal abuse. Denver Public Schools responded by issuing what it dubbed "The Safe and Welcoming School District Resolution," but it will take more than resolutions to turn the tide, since readers say that the racial harassment is very real. Responds Velia: 

If you don't believe people of color face this type of disrespect almost on a daily basis, I invite you to walk a day in my shoes.

Adds Sabrina: 

Put people in their place and stick up for yourself. I am a Mexican woman and I'll be damned if someone tries to call me a racist name. That's grounds for people getting their ass kicked in my book.

And then there's this from Natalie:

I had a guy try and cut me in line at the grocery store. When I let him know that I was in fact in line and next he said "I hope you get deported back to Mexico"

I'm not Hispanic. I'm black.

Have you noticed that our civil society is getting increasingly less civil?

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