Reader: Personal freedoms don't make Colorado a cesspool

We love it when comments beget more comments -- and that's exactly what happened with a Comment of the Day about an analysis of the freest American states that slotted Colorado at nineteenth -- a considerable fall from previous survey. This reader argues that true freedom should benefit the right and the left equally.

Jordan Snyder writes:

Some people act like CO is a cesspool because it's LEGAL for adults to do these things, but that's what liberty is all about. You don't always have to like what people are doing, but you have to allow people to have some freedom to make choices as long as they're not harming someone else. These are considered rights, as they should be. Why can't a person smoke pot in their own space? Or have an abortion if it's necessary? Or have the same legal protections as a straight couple? That to me seems American. Limiting people's freedoms based on personal and completely unscientific and unprovable opinions seems anything but. So no, I wouldn't call those states "free" at all.

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