Reader: Personhood Amendment the type of moral propaganda that needs to be put to bed

Our Q&A with Kristi Burton Brown, one of the main proponents behind the Personhood Amendment, a measure likely to return to the Colorado ballot for the third time in four years, drew some strong reactions from readers.

Here's a post from one person not throwing out the welcome mat.

Jane d0e writes:

Why can't this brand of moral propaganda be put to bed once and for all? I am personally tired of this crap. I'm also tired of showing up at the polls time and time again, specifically to vote against any and all of these initiatives, but I will continue to do so. Who is this lady to judge whomever may or may not be "innocent." This has nothing to do with "innocence". The language being used here, and the proposal in its entirety is even worse than the first 2 tries because: it panders to an indefinite sentimentality; and the issue of "personhood" is not only not up for debate -- it's already written in as a given.

Also, there is certainly a difference between killing and murder, and evidently this is beyond the comprehension of those supporting the pro-life agenda.

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