Reader: Pit bull mixes bit -- so why fault the pit bull and not the mix?

Our recent post about two

biting incidents involving pit bull mixes in Larimer County

continue to generate comments.

Here's one from a reader who wonders why the pit-bull part of the equation is always singled out for blame in situations like this one.

Kat writes:

Like everything else, you have to give weight to all the facts of the situation to be fair before passing judgment. These news stories are all saying "pitb ull MIX;" if that is the case, then why aren't you looking at the other part(s) of that mix? People might be surprised to find that there are breeds (especially those breeds that people consider "family breeds") that are more prone to biting than the pit.

As a dog trainer, the pit is one of my favorite breeds; but they are not for ignorant owners (owners who have not researched the breed, and who aren't prepared for the high cost and maintenance -- including proper fencing). Don't completely blame the dog for a situation that the owner(s) could easily have prevented.

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