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Reader: Pot advocates sound like the pushers in an '80s "Just Say No" PSA

Yes, that was Amendment 64's author Mason Tvert -- not John Belushi -- standing outside the Governor's Mansion last Friday in a bedsheet toga, complaining that John Hickenlooper was turning the place into an Animal House knock-off by installing a draft system that dispenses Colorado craft beers, liquid assets from what's become an $826 million a year industry in this state. But the staged brewhaha seemed to miss an important point: If Hick is celebrating beers, doesn't that make him a prime candidate for Delta Tau Chi -- and Tvert the party pooper?

Says Christopher:

Just let Hickenlooper have his beer; that's kind of his thing. All the marijuana advocates forcing pot on the governor sound like the pushers in a '80s "Just Say No" PSA.
For the record, the Colorado Brewers Guild paid for the installation of the draft system in the Governor's Mansion -- and there's been a bar in the building since it was a private residence, before it was donated to the state in the '50s.

Also for the record, Tvert thinks that Colorado's marijuana industry will soon surpass the state's craft-beer industry for both total employees and sales -- if it hasn't already.

Toga! Toga! From our marijuana archive: "John Hickenlooper warns other governors against rushing into pot legalization"

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