Reader: Pot Profilers in Nebraska Don't Need a Reason to Pull Over Colorado Cars

In our post about the arrest of two Coloradans in Nebraska for transporting 99.6 pounds of marijuana, we noted previous reports about pot profiling in which folks driving cars with Colorado plates were pulled over for extremely minor infractions. In response, one reader tells the tale of a traffic stop with even less of a pretext.

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Joe Cherry writes:

My wife's friend just got pulled over. A mile across the border she got pulled over by a dick cop. She asked why he pulled her over and he was like, uh speeding, and she said, really how fast was I going? (She had cruise set) and he said well you know why I pulled you over and she was like no why. Well do you have any drugs in the car? And she was like no. He said then can I search? She said yea as soon as you get a warrant.

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