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Reader: Potheads Who Say "F*ck Oklahoma and Nebraska" Are Idiots

In a recent post, we wrote about a provision in a bill before the Colorado legislature that would allow tourists to buy four times more marijuana than the current limit for out-of-staters

Such a policy change would undoubtedly displease officials in Nebraska and Oklahoma, who are so upset about marijuana from Colorado that they say is being taken into their state that they filed a complaint with the U.S. Supreme Court and joined another lawsuit after the first one died.

The prospect of angering over-the-border bureaucrats didn't bother many of our readers.

But this one has concerns.

Daniel Streske writes:
This is an incredibly dumb idea. We're already pushing a very delicate line. Why on earth would we change these limits except to facilitate people bringing more pot home? WE in Colorado are the ones pushing the envelope. WE are the ones who should be very careful and make every attempt to, at the minimum, maintain a thin veil of courtesy toward other states rights, especially if we wish those same states to respect our rights. The bone heads on here that say "F Oklahoma and Nebraska" are idiots.

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