Reader: Protest police brutality by refusing to spend money in Denver

In a post yesterday, the attorney for four women suing over an alleged 2009 police brutality incident at the Denver Diner criticized the naming of Mary Beth Klee as head of the Internal Affairs bureau; he accuses her of being a brutality apologist. In response, one reader shared his method of protesting what he sees as Denver's poor record on this issue.

Guest writes:

Vote with your wallets, people. I haven't spent a dime in Denver county in 2 years. Neither has anyone from my family. I do not attend sporting events in Denver, nor do I go to concerts, go to the zoo, the museum, the performing arts center, the art museum, or the library. When out of town guests arrive, I escort them through Denver without stopping and go immediately to a suburb for drinks, dinner, entertainment and nightlife. I encourage them to repeat stories of Denver's police brutality history to their friends in other states. I do the same thing with collegues from work and out of state collegues in my profession. I do not go to Denver nightclubs. I don't shop in Denver. I do not go to Denver parks, even the ones in the mountains, including Winter Park ski area. In short, thanks to DPD, if Denver was on fire I wouldn't piss on it to put it out. The saddest part of all of this is I was once proud to say I was from Denver, and to live in the city limits and even work for the city. I was once PROUD to say that two of my relatives were Denver police officers. Now I wouldn't drop off my dogshit there. Thankfully, a good many of my friends, co-workers and collegues are starting to realize that many of the activities Denver offers can be had elsewhere in Colorado, without risking being shot or beaten nearly to death if you happen to make an illegal left hand turn or deign to use your cell phone without permission from the great and imperious leaders at DPD. Pretty soon, the cops won't have anyone left to shoot or beat but criminals or each other. And in Denver, who can tell the difference?

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.