Reader: Put on Your Big Boy/Girl/Trans Pants and Deal With Downtown Denver

Teague Bowlen finally made it to downtown Denver with his "Angry Neighborhood" series, and if that series has shown anything, it’s that living in different parts of Denver can mean completely different experiences — and perhaps no other neighborhood in the city exemplifies this as well as downtown. For all its amenities, though, there are things that denizens of downtown don't enjoy, and this list itemized ten things that make residents of downtown really, really mad. But Scott thinks we missed some:

None of those things really bothered me when I lived downtown. You're missing bums, violence, druggies, garbage overflow, and constant rent spikes.
Adds Lawrence: 
Downtown Denver is an absolute shit-show for the lack of parking and all of the road closures, for sure. And it seems to just be getting worse day by day ????
But then there's this from Adam:
This article should say: Ten things that happen every day in every big city. Put your big boy/girl/trans/whatever you claim pants on and deal with it. This is a tourist state and it's always going to have extra amounts of people here at any given time, so stop crying, and deal with it, for Christ sakes.
Do you live downtown? What do you love about it? What do you loathe?

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