Reader remembers the day a cop decided not to mess up his life with a pot bust

There's been a lot of response to our post about Denver City Councilman Albus Brooks's push to decriminalize marijuana for those under age 21. But the most memorable of the comments is arguably one from a reader recalling a day when he was seventeen and a police officer had the opportunity to bust him for weed -- and passed it by.

Gabriel J. Gonzales writes:

I remember being 17 and a cop found weed and a pipe on me and he saw for himself that i wasn't much trouble, not a gangster or tagger.... He put the pipe and the weed on the hood of his car and said, and i quote; "I'm gonna turn my head...and I want you to take your things from the hood of my car and put them away. That shit's gonna be legal in a few years anyway. Besides, I have other shit to do than paperwork." I'm 32 now... which makes that almost half my lifetime ago. Holy shit, time flies.

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