Reader: RTD light-rail cops out at show-me-your-pass times, but try finding one at night

This week, we've been posting about an attack at the 30th and Downing light-rail station -- the third such incident over recent months in the metro area, following a pair of incidents that took place in June. The startling video footage of the assault got a lot of our readers talking, with several of them raising complaints about RTD. Here's an example.

LeeAnn Wilmot writes:

Police on the RTD infuriate me! They are often there during commuter hours, focused on "show me your pass" during the times when the train is filled with working people...they are never there during the late evening when the train is filled with teens and drunken sports fans. I have often overheard large groups of teenagers talking openly about having no ticket, I've seen threats and shoving matches - where are the police? Riding during the weekday doing light duty. If I have to function under armed guard, I'd at least like that armed guard to help me feel safe instead of intimidated.

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