Reader: Voting in Mayoral Race Is Like Playing Russian Roulette With Yourself
Jay Vollmar

Reader: Voting in Mayoral Race Is Like Playing Russian Roulette With Yourself

The Denver mayor's race has been one of the most memorable in decades — but not for any good reasons, as Michael Roberts detailed in his recent cover story about challenger Jamie Giellis and incumbent Michael Hancock.

The back-and-forth name-calling, accusations of racism and sexual harassment, and endless blunders and subsequent apologies have turned off more than a few voters. Here's what some have to say:

Notes Chris:

This is the kind of choice you get when you rule out a whole side of the political perspective. Enjoy the democratic vision that will lead to Denver being Seattle, San Francisco, L.A. , Portland, Honolulu, Baltimore, Philadelphia, NY...and too many more to list. Goodbye, Denver.

Adds Robert:

Love that our candidates are utterly worthless choices. Both of them are crap. None of the above.

Responds Mike:

I'm willing to accept and believe Hancock was wildly inappropriate. At the same time, elections are about choices, and Giellis is flat-out incompetent. I can't believe it came to this, but I voted for Hancock. This wasn't even a hard decision in the end.

Counters Jeannie: 

Stick a fork in him — he's done.

Concludes Jeff:

Choosing between those two candidates is like playing Russian Roulette by yourself with a fully loaded gun.

The runoff election is June 4, and you can participate even if you skipped the first round. If you didn't get a runoff ballot, just head to your local polling spot (see the Denver Election Division website for locations) and cast your vote. If you did get a ballot, it's too late to mail it; just deliver it to a drop-off center.

Depending on which district you live in, your vote could also help determine your next Denver City Council rep.  And don't forget to vote on Initiative 302, which would allow citizens to vote on whether this city should ever host the Olympic Games.

What do you think about the mayoral race? Let us know in a comment or at editorial@westword.com.

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