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Reader: Scott Gessler's Secretary of State moonlighting mea culpa -- the edited version

Our post about Secretary of State Scott Gessler's capitulation to critics, who felt that his decision to moonlight for his old law firm (which often works with clients who do business with his current office) represented a conflict of interest, included his public statement about his change of heart. But one reader felt the announcement needed a few tweaks -- which he kindly provided.

Harvey wrote:

Geez, this guy must have been paid by the word as a lawyer. Sorry Westword, here's the edited version. You're welcome:

Dear Past and Future Clients;

I'm writing to tell you about my plan to continue to make alot of money for all of us. As recently reported in the media, my goal has been to use the Secretary of State's office as a political stepping stone or influence peddling smokescreen, take your pick.

At the same time, I wanted to avoid disclosing this plan to the people of Colorado. So after the election, I chose to talk about this issue. I carefully avoided recommending any higher compensation for elected officials, because that is political suicide and I can make more money now and in the future with my plan.

Over the past two weeks, many have asked that I publicly disclose your names. Indeed, I cannot in good conscience expect you to subject yourselves to public scrutiny, because that would move the "backdoor" to the "frontdoor" with our dealmaking.

For this reason, I have decided that, if I can survive this, I will wait the four years to cash in on my position as "former" Secretary of State. And while I have wasted substantial taxpayer dollars through the Attorney General's office about outside employment, I have at least gotten free publicity, because after all, no one outside of fringe groups from out-of-state trying to get things on the ballot (i.e. you) knows who the Secretary of State is, right?

At the end of the day, I am confident that four years from now I will look out of my 17th Street office and know that the Secretary of State helped make us more prosperous. And over the next four years, I will work hard to make that a reality.


Scott Gessler

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