Reader: Second Amendment meant to fight tyranny, not kill burglars

A post yesterday featured the Independence Institute's Dave Kopel talking about a lawsuit targeting Colorado's new gun-control laws -- and featuring the support of Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith and 54 of his colleagues around the state. As you can imagine, this topic fired up folks on both sides of the gun debate. Here's one of many interesting posts.

Val Weitz writes:

Stop using self defense as a reason to uphold the 2nd amendment. It was intended to entrust liberty and fight tyranny not shoot burglars. All of these limits on fire arms are meaningless, a gun is still deadly no matter how many bullets it holds, what it looks like or what caliber it is chambered for. On the other hand, a domestic uprising is severely hampered by ammo and weapon type limitations. So, lets get to the real debate that needs to happen. Time to grow the fuck up.

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