Reader: Smoke all you want, but don't blow it my way

"Five colorado places that smell worse than the pot smokers next door," latest word, october 17

Pot Shots

Weed smells amazing. I can smell the dog-food factory from Capitol Hill.
Christopher Paul
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Sad but true — sitting in a cloud of those other smells doesn't make me dizzy or impair my ability to use big words. Smoke all the pot you want, but at least let me enjoy a live show without getting high.
Rachel Rose

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"Drawing the Line," Melanie Asmar, October 3

Board Games

Thank you for your Denver Public Schools story on "reform." Before the last round of education "reform," sponsored by Governor "Hickenfracker," Roy "Roamer," "Mayor" Chris Romer, etc., my high-school-teacher son at Northglenn High had 28 students in his advanced education class. All graduated, all got to go to college, and my son kept the Army recruiters out of the classroom and none went to Iraq.

After "reform," everything changed. His 28 students turned into forty, half of whom couldn't speak English. The first to be fired was the part-time teacher who bridged the language gap. The next to be let go were the P.E. teachers; Adams County 12 middle schools dropped all after-school sports. When Hick was turned down for the Race to the Top funding (after two unsuccessful previous efforts), the official reason was no after-school sports. Duh! Some reform.

How about the DPS board? I served with Landri Taylor on the RTD board. Although he represents the Five Points area, he had no clue about light rail or even who was involved in any transportation projects. Sound negative? Stay tuned. This whole scene is turning into Mississippi with mountains.

Kevin Sampson

I could not help but feel revulsion when I saw the candidates for the Denver school board. Meg Schomp had a parent on the board in the '70s and is a current believer that we are becoming segregated again. That's easy to say when you're clueless!

I had the misfortune of experiencing the integration that was forced upon us by the likes of her and her mother. It was horrible! It was open warfare! It was a race war! It was wrong! It was hours on buses! It did not work and never will!

Please! No more liberal do-gooders like the Schomp family! Meg, her parents and her "Learjet Liberal" friends feel that they know what is best for our society. Well, they do not. She/they should never be allowed to dictate policy for the rest of us, or our children.

Silver Spooners from the Country Club set should deal with their own kids, not my kids or yours. We should all encourage and vote for a mature, grounded, sensible person who has lived sans silver spoon, to direct our schools. As my second-grade teacher, Mrs. McCarthy, once said: "Even as they age, the spots on a leopard don't change...they just get bigger."

Tim Arnold

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