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Reader: Snooze's tax dollars support homeless people who are harming its business

Kelsey Whipple's post about an Occupy Denver protest at Snooze over the weekend has produced lotsa strongly expressed opinions on both sides of the issue. Here's a comment from a reader who understands why Snooze supports an urban camping ban.

Realist writes:

So? Did you comment on her comments at City Council? Did you offer ANY testimony at City Council?

Do you realize that the more business Snooze does (through its own hard work and industry), the more tax money is available to go toward the homeless?

These protesters are idiots, and their protest is rightly disregarded by the hordes of Snooze customers that continue to eat there. Instead of attacking this business, they should be protesting on the front lawns of City Council members that voted against their cause or actively working toward replacing those council members. But no, they choose a silly dog and pony show instead.

Do you ever wonder why there is no perceived "homeless problem" in Greenwood Village? Because Greenwood Village doesn't offer any services to the homeless so they don't go down there. Why aren't you protesting in Greenwood Village? It's horrible that they are doing NOTHING for the homeless.

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