Reader: Taking my guns or my soda pop won't make me safer

Melanie Asmar's post last week about an appearance by Aurora theater shooting victim Stephen Barton at an anti-gun-violence rally featured a photo of him with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who's also called for stricter firearms regulations. That prompted one reader to tee off on both for actions he sees as well-intentioned but misguided.

0.509699492315 writes:

Anti-gun violence, Mayors against Illegal Guns: Those slogans make me laugh. Everyone can see it means anti-guns and Mayors against guns, but the use of the words illegal and violence fool the foolish into thinking support equals less illegal violence. Bloomberg should be a joke to more than just gun owners; he banned soda pop over 16 ounces and claimed it would reduce obesity. He also allows people (mostly black people) to be searched on the street for no reason. Obviously, the anti everything crowd not only fear things, they fear the people themselves and the choices they're allowed to make. Restricting, limiting or prohibiting my guns, magazines, right to privacy or soda pop will not make anyone safer; the only thing it does is make the impotent feel less impotent. To anyone paying attention, their grab for control looks more like a selfish and disrespectful vegetarian trying to ban meat simply because they don't like it and using the words violent slaughter to justify their intent to outlaw something with emotional manipulation.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.