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Reader: Teen whose family is being evicted after he stole shoes deserves empathy

Yesterday, we shared the story of a Grand Junction thirteen year old whose family is being evicted after he shoplifted a pair of shoes -- because, he said, his feet were cold. Amid the claims and counter-claims from the participants, one of our readers focused his attentions on the teen and the relatability of the story.

ryan.nino303 writes:

This story is sad. I think the housing people are a**holes. Growing up I always had shoes. Nice shoes. But I remember the kids with the cheap generic shoes. The unpopular kids. I had all the friends. I was popular. I had a nice house. Everything I wanted pretty much but I always felt bad for the kids that didn't have nice things like I did. My dad coached basketball when I was growing up and I remember there was this kid on the team who wore boots to practice and games because his mom couldn't afford basketball shoes for him. My dad bought him basketball shoes and he was grateful. My dad is the bomb. I wish this kid in the article had someone to help him out so he didn't feel like he had to steal.

People on here should not be thinking how bad this kid is, but how good YOU have it.

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