Reader: THC driving bill is like being busted tomorrow for a beer you drank today

William Breathes's post about the upcoming debate about the resurrected THC driving bill inspired plenty of cyber-conversation about Senator Steve King's proposal.

Here's one reader's attempt to demonstrate the differences between measuring alcohol and marijuana impairment.

Colorado Mmj Patient writes:

This is how you can relate it to those boozers up in the Capitol:

Passing this law would be like you drinking a beer today, then getting pulled over and arrested for a DUI tomorrow. It does not make sense! (unless your last name is Bradford and you invoke some obscure law to drink and drive)

You have to paint them a picture. WB are you up for another blood test??? jk. Patients everywhere appreciated the pain with your stomach that you went through last year for us. It really made an impact!

PS. We have a form letter you can send to your Reps. Check it out on our forum: http://www.coloradomedicalmari...

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