Claire Levy.
Claire Levy.

Reader: THC impairment limit needed to save us from low-speed drivers eating Funions

Our recent interview with Representative Claire Levy about a bill to impose a THC driving-impairment limit prompted another hilariously sarcastic post from a previous Comment of the Day awardee (for a response to our conversation with Representative Tom Massey about a medical marijuana measure he's co-sponsoring). Here's the latest salvo.

ScrewMMJ writes:

...I am terrified for my life. How will I ever drive safely knowing that there are stoners out driving around, going 5 MPH below the speed limit and possibly even eating Funions while driving?

I think that the stance taken by Rep Levy is much too lenient. I want everyone to be stone cold sober on the road, so me and my babies can be safe. I think that every car should have a blood draw machine installed in it that allows for instant testing. Perhaps like a glucose meter but that tests for every drug. If you have ANY drug in your system -- alcohol, marijuana or other (including prescriptions) -- your car simply won't start.

Also, I think the cost of this system should be carried by the individual drivers, maybe through a $100/month driving privilege fee, which if you can't pay, too bad: no driving.

Only after this is mandatory and all of you alcohol and drug abusers are off the street will I be able to sleep easy at home with my babies safe.

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