Reader: "The ranch that has been in our family since 1937 would be used for tanks to tear up."

"The War Next Door," Alan Prendergast, February 24

Range Wars

Thank you for Alan Prendergast's article on Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site. We need exposure to the rest of Colorado; it is amazing how many people do not know about our problem here. The military are in contempt of court and are blatant about it! Are they above the law and judges' orders? They do not care about the Constitution that they vowed to uphold when they joined the military, and they look us in the face and lie. How can we trust them to keep us safe when they want to take everything we have with no regard to the law, Constitution or private-property rights? If they do this to us, they will do it to anyone who gets in their way. People, beware of the military industrialized machine!

They took 238,000 acres, running ranchers into bankruptcy because they did not pay market price, and most of what they took was by eminent domain. The ones who sold were not willing, but threatened! Except for John Salazar, Marilyn Musgrave and ranchers fighting this travesty, the ranch that has been in our family since 1937 -- for five generations -- would now be used for tanks to tear up and burn.

MaryEllen White Aguilar

Not that I am fond of any neo-conservative (read: Republican) fat-cat ranchers in the Pinon Canyon area of Colorado, who have never known how to treat the land they say they so love but who have kept herds of non-native cattle in the region for generations, despoiling the water and building up the need for maintaining other non-native necessities of their trade, like roads and ditches, and generally have scoured the land according to their needs and for profit; like the U.S. Army, they want to extract as much value from this area as they can at any cost to the land and its flora in its natural state.

But...if there is to be any sense made of the situation at Pinon, an indigenous mediator, whose ancestry is native to the region, must be given full authority, even as high as the United Nations High Commissioner, over any disbursement of acreage. I am much aggrieved at the true cost of maintaining our military hegemony over the planet, with over 1,000 military bases worldwide, maybe more, with millions in acreage being given over to despoiling, simply to satisfy the perceived needs of our military industry.

Bill Korosec


"On 'Cue," Laura Shunk, February 24

Get a 'Cue

I got some sunburns on my bald head waiting in line when Jabo was in the church parking lot, but it was worth it. I work downtown now, but I'm glad to see he is still making great barbecue at Jabo's Bar-Be-Q. I need to make a weekend trip over to Greenwood Village.

Keith Stansell

Posted at

I tried Jabo's before and after he moved. He should have stayed on the side of the road. When I visited his new location, the pork ribs were so overcooked they looked like beef ribs. (If you have to ask, then you don't know barbecue.) And what type of BBQ joint has cherry-flavored sauce? Jabo had better stay in Denver. If he tries to return to Oklahoma, he'll be laughed into bankruptcy court.

John Stelting

Colorado Springs

This food cures cancer.

Michael Sauer


"$howtime," Jeff Otte, February 17

Ke$ha and Carry

Wow, a philosophical treatise on kitsch, Kundera and Ke$ha that doesn't neglect Metallica or Tom Jones and is perfect for reading on the can. Pay this guy more money, now! Put him to work on Bieber (maybe he can work in a little Heidegger?) and Gaga (Agamben?), and, I dunno, maybe even let him loose on some music he likes!

If you get the rest of the rag up to this level, we'll throw away our New York Review of Books!

Joan Harvey


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