Reader: The world will end in 2012 -- so get your Doomsday clock fixed, Harold Camping!

Patricia Calhoun's post about Harold Camping's fast-approaching deadline for the next Doomsday drew the sort of posts will miss if the Rapture begins according to his schedule. Here's an example, apparently from a historical personage with a track record of memorable predictions.

ColoradoShu writes:

The world will indeed come to an end in 2012. I'm giving Westword the scoop on this so keep it under wraps please Ms. Calhoun.

The passage of legislation that legalizes cannabis will result in a mass outdoor celebration that unwittingly sparks an inferno that races across the skies (fueled from methane and shale gas emissions) and incinerates flora and fauna worldwide.

Vegas is giving 3-to-2 odds on this as they know I'm spot on.

-- Rasputin

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