Reader: Think the Quixote's mural is bad? Murder is worse.

"Santa's Nightmare Before Christmas," Melanie Asmar, November 22

Reindeer Games

I've known Bill Lee for over fifteen years; five or six of those years were spent working next to him and his animals. Bill always put his animals first. Just because most people need to be overfed, over-heated and over-cooled doesn't mean animals need to be.  

These Gestapo government tactics need to be stopped. Best of luck to you, Bill.  

Andy Monson

"Right Angles," Off Limits, November 15

The Mural Majority

People are getting killed outside of Capitol Hill bars, and all people can talk about is whether a mural of Johnny Cash or Jerry Garcia is better on a 13th Avenue club? How about some perspective?



Jay Healey

Many a Cap Hillite has expressed disdain over what appeared to be an aggressive — if artistic — action of literally decapitating the head of a rock legend, on a legendary rock-and-roll bar, on the infamous rock-and-roll street, which is anchored by one of the most legendary rock-and-roll record shops in the country — all for the Fat Man. Maybe not the best way to introduce yourself to the neighborhood. I mean, anybody remember the saga of 7 South?

I'm not saying I support vandalism, but it shows that the age-ol' adage is true: Punks and hippies can never be friends.

Kity Ironton

Let's talk facts, shall we? The "artist" simply painted a beard and sunglasses onto the original Johnny painting. So in truth, the Jerry Garcia is just defacement of an iconic landmark in Denver. It shows no respect for the community and even less respect for the artist who painted the original. You won the battle, hippies. You took over yet another legendary establishment and made a mockery of it. Now, go back to your corporate jobs and smile.

Posted at westword.com

Well, damn, the defacement was certainly unnecessary. I was hoping things would follow their natural order, and seven or eight years from now some Juggalos would buy the struggling place and paint an Insane Clown Posse face over it, and we'd hear these same stupid arguments from the Deadheads. Heresy!

Posted at westword.com

Yeah, nothing says you are a grownup like logging on to an Internet message board and throwing insults at your stereotype of choice because one person decided to throw paint. Way to lead by example. With this warm attitude, you definitely aren't encouraging future actions like this. 

David Schultz

Editor's note: Read more, much more, about the Johnny Cash/Jerry Garcia mural mess at westword.com.

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