Reader: Tim Tebow jokes about his faith are bad, but Brokeback Mountain gags are just fine?

Melanie Asmar's post about gay jokes at last weekend's Stock Show rodeo has spawned a fascinating conversation about political correctness and what is and isn't funny.

Among the most intriguing of the posts compares jests about Tim Tebow's faith to those aimed at homosexuals.

Eric writes:

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

About 8 months ago, the conservative christian movement was going ballistic about the jokes being bantered about concerning their hero, the young conservative virgin christian role model Tim Tebow.

The humor surrounding a kid in his early 20's, drafted in the first round, a millionaire with a bright future in anything he'll do, was pointed at his reluctance to date or for that matter be seen in public with women.

Some saw his self imposed virginity as fodder for humor, some took it as an opening to hint that a guy with his opportunities that doesn't openly date must be gay, some just saw him as a naive kid that's going to discover girls at some point.

At any rate, any....and I do mean any.... jabs at the young conservative role model were taken by the right wing christian crowd as "blasphemy", Going too far, mean spirited, and "envy".

Those same self proclaimed upright religious and moral "examples" of rightous living then turn around and call blowback to gay slurs, jokes, and inuendo "politically correct censorship"

My thought is that some goober making sleezy and unseemly jokes about gay people is no better and certainly no more acceptable than assuming a young christian's lifestyle is fodder for sleezy and unseemly humor.

If you're going to ridicule someone over their sexuality and then call them overly sensitive when they react, don't whine, snivel, cry, and protest when something or someone you hold near and dear get the same treatment.

Don't cavalierly tell somebody else to get tougher skin when you can't take the heat yourself.

Or just accept the fact you're a hypocrite.

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