Reader: Today's pot is a lot more harmful to kids than weed back in the day

We love it when a Comment of the Day starts a new conversation -- and that's precisely what happened with one reader's take on pundits critical of Colorado's legalization of recreational marijuana. Here's a post by a reader who thinks today's cannabis can't truly be compared with the pot a lot of older smokers remember.

johninlongmont1 writes:

Well, Jared is another case of the pot calling the kettle black...we've already seen increased problems with pot at our public schools -- something the pro-legalizers assured us would not happen....I think one main problem is old-timer potheads remember when they used to smoke years ago and that didn't harm them, but today's marijuana doesn't resemble what those folks used to smoke...the THC content is now so high, it's put pot into a whole different category than what many people remember it used to be.

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