Reader: Transgender girl's parents don't deserve praise for bathroom-access fight

Yesterday, we wrote about the victory scored by Kathryn and Jeremy Mathis when the State of Colorado determined that their daughter, transgender six-year-old Coy Mathis, had been discriminated against when her school prevented her from using the girls' restroom. Our readers responded to this decision with great passion, if not always approval. Here's a note from a reader jeering rather than cheering.

fishingblues writes:

The parents should be put in prison for child abuse. They have systematically ruined this child for life so that they could get attention. (Not to mention what they are doing to their other children.)

How many of you brain dead, "I'm so enlightened" bleeding-heart liberal twits actually believe it is okay to force a baby into a "sexual identity" at the age of 18 months?

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