Reader: Tribal nations may not solve marijuana banking problem, but something needs to

Patricia Calhoun's post about marijuana banking issues noted attorney Rob Corry's notion about using financial institutions in sovereign tribal nations to break the regulatory logjam. In the subsequent debate about whether this approach is feasible, one reader expresses doubts even as he supports the necessity for such a fix.

ehwazdaeg writes:

Yes, it's true that the tribal nations have not had positive results (up until now) regarding the ability to supersede federal law (in spite of the fact that they're SUPPOSED to be sovereign nations).... We just need to take a look at how the Pine Ridge Reservation fiasco went down. However, times are a changin and cannabis prohibition is becoming extremely difficult for any rational individual to defend. The thousands of jobs that the marijuana and hemp industries would produce, along with the positive impacts these industries would have on our environment, are making the politicians still spewing tired old reefer madness look exceptionally foolish. The feds will not be able to hold back progress (and common sense) for much longer. Especially for a medicine that's been proven to not only be extremely versatile & effective, but has never caused even a single fatality... a claim NO prescription med can make.

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