Reader: Two trips to Texas, two profiling stops for driving car with Colorado plates

Since a February post about the arrest of Brian Unbehaun in which we raised the subject of Colorado drivers being profiled in other states because of the marijuana laws here, readers have regularly shared stories about similar experiences either on the original post or subsequent Comments of the Day. He's an example times two.

richardbarrett1701 writes:

Texas was my experience (twice). My father was ill and I was driving to Texas from Colorado.

I was pulled over the first time for 'did not yield for emergency vehicle' -- really. He had another Colorado licensed vehicle pulled over. No ticket was given, but the officer was constantly 'you got drugs in that car,' 'we know u do, just lets us search it.' I refused and was released. Not so bad till my return 2 months later, when my father died. This time, I was pulled over for 67 in a 65 zone -- could a been. This time I refused to grant a search and the officer came up with the all-time favorite excuse, 'I think I smell marijuana!' Really, he did. The search found nothing. SOOOOOO wrong. I was 3 hours late to my mother's house. How can we stop this kind of profiling?

Same old crap different people.

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