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Reader: Walking into the wrong house drunk a Boulder tradition before Zoey Ripple

One Comment of the Day begets another.

On a post sharing a reader's views about recent CU grad Zoey Ripple, who was shot after drunkenly walking into the wrong house, another site visitor shared his very similar (although not as painful) experiences.

DaggerJeans writes:

I wandered into a house of college students once and fell asleep on their couch. I too was confused why they were yelling and thought they were my friends roommates. I ended up getting away luckily, and they were fairly peaceful guys luckily.

Thanks to the Make My Day Law, which I do fully support, that was a major catalyst in my quitting drinking alcohol. It is still one of the main things that pops up in my head when I think of reasons not to relapse, because next time I will get shot or arrested for sure.

Oh and the house I broke into was in that same neighborhood, so I guarantee its a problem, the DA isn't lying ;-),

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