Bernie Sanders during a recent rally in Portland.
Bernie Sanders during a recent rally in Portland.

Reader: We Shouldn't Be Picking Who to Vote for Based on Marijuana Policies

A recent post noted that even some supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders's presidential aspirations wish he was more progressive when it comes to marijuana policies.

A lot of those who responded to the item found themselves similarly torn — and their takes prompted the conversation to head in interesting directions.

For instance, one reader argued that voting for politicians based on their positions on cannabis is wrong — even though he's clearly a ganja fan. Others felt very differently.

Here's a portion of the conversational exchange.

Dylan Anthony writes:

We shouldn't be choosing our politicians based on their stance on cannabis.

Sincerely — A stoner

Brandon Brasfield writes:

Whether or not you realize it, the war on drugs has had a huge effect on this country and is a real issue that needs to be dealt with. So many of our societal issues stem from this. His stance is very important.

Brian Zaharatos writes:

And Sanders is opposed to the war on drugs....

Michael Bard writes:

And I started making a lot more money when medicinal went through. I definitely need a pro cannabis representative. It's my number one priority. Without it, I would have to go back to working for someone instead of for myself.

Nigel Smedley writes:

If they're not pro legalization...I'm not voting for them.

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