Reader: What's the point of the Denver Post even publishing a print edition anymore?

Last week, we published an item about Broncos newspaper fails, in which we highlighted editions of the Denver Post whose early deadlines meant ballyhooing six touchdown passes by Peyton Manning in the NFL season opener when he actually threw seven. The piece raised temperatures among plenty of readers, including this one.

C.J. writes:

That's ridiculous. The game ended before 11 p.m. It's clear the paper cleared at about 10:30 p.m. That's a joke. The No. 1 generator of news and traffic for the Post is the Broncos. It's not even close. And certainly a Broncos opener. At home. In a rematch against the Ravens. On national TV. And throw in a historic night for Peyton Manning and this snapshot in history makes the Post look like a bunch of bumbling idiots.

Deadlines get extended all the time for breaking news. You hold the paper and get the final score in and the correct number of touchdown passes. It's not like the game ended close to 2 a.m., like it did for the Columbus Dispatch, which at least had the final score AND seven touchdown passes.

At this rate, what's the point of the Post publishing a print product anymore if they can't get something as basic as a final score of a Broncos game and the correct number of touchdown passes? Since the name of the company is Digital First, just make it Digital Only and stop putting out a print product that is cheap, lazy, inadequate and irrelevant.

Oh, and the Boulder Daily Camera, which shares content with the Post, got the final score in its print edition AND the right number of touchdown passes.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.