Reader: Why does the media only cover the police when they do something bad?

Yesterday's post about a dog shot by a police officer generated a lot of comments, much of it negative toward law enforcement.

But one reader's take represented a notable exception -- and was critical of the media in general, and Westword in particular, for the way cop news is covered.

Heather McCubbin Johnson writes:

Maybe all the couch quarterbacks should strap on some Kevlar and a badge and try being a cop for a day. Yes there are some bad apples, there are in EVERY profession, unfortunately that is all the media covers. Hey Westword, why don't you cover the great things these heroes do! You won't even have to work hard to find a million examples. Most cops dread pulling their gun for any reason. I thank God they are willing to do the job that they do. I know I sleep better. I am thankful for our police, military, firemen and EMT's.

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