Reader: Why would anyone vote for Barack Obama because Eva Longoria likes him?

Sam Levin's recent post about a Barack Obama campaign event starring Eva Longoria, star of the long-running (and just-ended) program Desperate Housewives, made at least one of our readers desperately unhappy. Here's his memorable rant against Longoria and other politican-boosting celebs.

E.P. King writes:

What makes what Eva Longoria says worth ANYTHING???? I have always questioned why famous people get involved with something they are clueless about, it's obvious they are trying to stay in the spot light. I'm sure Eva or her family do not hurt for much. Has she lost her job or her home, as so many Americans have since President Obama has been in office. What a Romney win might really mean for our country could be many wonderful things. Everyone wants to talk about his religion, well they should check into the LDS welfare plane. It is one of the best welfare plans out there. It is not like the US governments, it doesn't allow you to make a lifetime career out of it. They network to help their unemployed members get food through their food storage program, cloths, jobs. They aren't given welfare cards to sell on the streets to buy drugs, have more children to get more money. We want to wrong Governor Christy for taking a helicopter to one of his sons games, but it's OK for Michelle Obama to vacation in Europe with her mother and daughters on US1. Our country is worse than it has ever been do we really want four more years of the deficit rising. At what point do we as AMERICANS say enough is enough????????????

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.