Reader: Will Tim Tebow circus dissuade Peyton Manning from signing with Broncos?

Our original item about the prospects of the Broncos landing Peyton Manning shrugged off the prospect, which subsequently became very real. Still, many of the observations shared by one especially astute reader remain valid.

Here's what he had to say.

Lunkwill writes:

I think this would be a great spot for Manning.... Not that he'll listen.

We definitely have the cap space (unlike say, the Texans) and have a great, young offensive line, a pro bowl running back, great receivers (I may be biased, but I think we have an awesome set of receivers if only we had someone that could throw them the ball -- ditto with the (receiving) tight ends), a defense that may not be the most consistent, but DID send four guys to the Pro Bowl (tied for the most in the NFL) and will only get better with a QB that doesn't constantly leave them on the field for the first 3.75 quarters.... We've got one of Peyton's heroes as his potential boss in Elway, and did I mention we're in the AFC West, where 8 games takes it?

I think the Broncos (with a Hall of Fame QB) could find enough defensive pieces through the draft and free agency (easier to recruit with Peyton here, imo) that would make them contenders. Winning the AFC West for the next three years would damn near be a given (an important part of our case) and in the playoffs, anything goes.

That said, Peyton is not going to want any part of the circus that will follow him here with Tebow in the wings (or off the team), and despite this being easily the best fit divisional situation for him, he probably wants little to do with an outdoor, cold weather environment in his waning years. I can dream of seeing some crazy offensive scheme with Peyton and Tebow both in the backfield (why not have a QB/FB that can [sort of] pass?), but I'll refrain from holding my breath....

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